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FREE delivery is available NATIONWIDE! (Increased demand for home furnishings and severe supply chain challenges brought on by Covid-19 has impacted delivery timelines).
FREE delivery is available NATIONWIDE!
5 Reasons Why More People are Buying Furniture and Home Décor Online

5 Reasons Why More People are Buying Furniture and Home Décor Online

1. Lower prices for the same great quality.

Our ecommerce furniture and home décor business model allows us to ship directly to customers, allowing us to save on the cost of storing inventory. This means cheaper prices and big savings for our customers!
2. Skipping the long lines and crowds of people.
Instead of waiting in long lines and struggling to find a sales representative to order the furniture you are looking for, you can sit in the comfort of your own home. The furniture arrives at your door within just a few days.
3. Free Shipping with PFC Express items
Not only do we offer the best prices, but we also take care of the shipping costs for you. What you see listed as the price is what you get!
4. A wide variety of furniture and home décor to choose from.
When browsing furniture and home décor stores in person, you’re often times only seeing a portion of the store’s inventory as these stores do not have enough space to display everything they have to offer. Shopping online allows us to show you all of our products in one convenient place.
5. Most importantly, you are SAVING TIME!
No need to load the kids in the car, drive to the location, shop around to only find they do not have what you are looking for. Take all of the hassle and save your precious time by finding everything you need at PFC Express.

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